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Feeling better. Long story short, we're having car issues. Nothing major, but enough for us to freak out about money. Fucking adulthood.

Things really turned around morale wise, last night. We had dinner, sat on the couch together and watched Face Off. It was nice. Sex afterwards. Good sex makes everyone feel good, right? That, coupled with a simple, but rather nice date today.

We had an Office-wide Chili Cook Off, today.

In our break room, there was easily 10 crockpots full of all sorts of chili, soups, stews, and gumbos.

So what you had was 30-50 people, all scrambling to taste each chili. Everyone trying to find that one chili that they liked so that they fill their bowl and find a place to sit and enjoy it, while also scrambling to grab their soda and condiments so that they can grab a place to sit.

It was nuts lol


You're allowed cook offs at work!? That is so awesome! I'd love to of don't something like that at my old job but since it was a library I can't imagine the kerfuffle would be appreciated aha!
In the break room, absolutely. And it's a pretty big break room so we can fit a lot of people in there.

There's a sink, free coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate, and French Vanilla machine. Granted, everything but the coffee is powdered. There's also an industrial size fridge to keep your food cold while you're working.