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The walking stick

1. Intro and Photo

  1. Honestly speaking, I relate more to LaVeyan Satanism more than other religion. The idea is the rejection of the Christian God, and the acceptance that if you're not Christian, you must be Satanist. There isn't any actual Satan worship, just the use of the icon, Satan, as a symbol. At it's base, it's atheism, with the use of Satan as a symbol. I don't go around telling people that because I don't expect them to understand. This will probably be the only time I mention this. Like politics, this LJ isn't for religious debate.
  2. I sometimes wonder if I have ADD. I am very easily distracted. It makes for some very interesting multitasking at work.
  3. I fall asleep very easy. I've read that it takes the average person 7 minutes to fall asleep. I promise you, I do it in under 3 minutes almost every night.
  4. I've been in a few metal bands. I play guitar. Played a few shows at a few bars. The name of the bands were Right of the Flame and Yesterday's Wake.
  5. More than playing shows, I loved being at the practice space, with all my gear right there at my finger tips and being able to turn it up as loud as I wanted without worrying about bothering anyone.
  6. My wife's dad died several years before I met her. They've told me so much about him, I almost feel like I knew the guy. We would have been great friends.
  7. My last name is Knowles. Yes, like Beyonce. Although it's not that uncommon, people always had problems pronouncing it when I was growing up. The most common mispronunciation was "Cannolies?" No, I am not delicious pastries.
  8. After researching from father, to father, to father, I found out that my family is English. Edmund "Old Silver Hair" Knowles came from Manchester, England to Delaware in the early 1700s.
  9. I really like history. I love reading about the history of old buildings.
  10. I'm not very well traveled. I've never been to any of the major cities. Never been to NYC, Miami, Seattle, New Orleans, DC, Philly, Pittsburgh, LA. I've been through Atlanta via I-75. I go to Tampa a couple of times a year. I went to Columbus, Ohio and New Jersey once. Other than that, I've barely left the South East. Never been outside of the country. I was born in Ft. Knox, though.
  11. My Dad, Robert Knowles Sr, is a retired military vet. Army, Marines, and Army National Guard. During his second tour of Iraq, a mortar had landed two feet away from him, but it did not explode on impact. If it had exploded, he would have been killed instantly.
  12. Although it's my legal name, I don't like being called Robert. My dad is Robert. I'm Rob.
  13. My main toon on World of Warcraft is a (Horde) Pandarian Fire Mage. I'm considering race changing to a goblin. Before you start, I think that the whole Horde/Alliance argument is silly. I'm a raider, so you can keep the PVP. "Burn" was leveled as Human before my guild transferred to a Horde server. Other than the Fire mage spec, specifically, I'm not very good at WoW.
  14. The other game that I play is Battlefield 3, on XBox 360.I love going around hunting for snipers, sneaking up behind them, killing them by laying some C4 on them and detonating. This is also called "trolling". I love the Support class, but I've recently found out that I like the heals/Assault class, too.
  15. I've mentioned that I do written complaints at work. Federal IRS rules govern what changes you can make to your health insurance, when you can make those changes, and how long you have to make those changes. My job is to work written requests, "appeals", and respond to them based on IRS rules. 9 out of 10 appeals are denied. Easily 98% of appeals that are approved were because someone made a mistake or overlooked something. Maybe 2% that are approved were because someone in far upper management made an exception.
  16. I met one of my greatest influences, Darrell "Dimebag" Abbott a few months before he died. If I would have known that he'd be dead in a few months, I probably would have hugged him just a few seconds longer. That was a fucking crazy show. They really were pouring beer on the crowd.
  17. As a fat guy, I'm kind of a "foodie". I'm really very diverse culinary wise. By the way, Tallahassee has some great authentic Mexican.
  18. My favorite snack is currently Redbull and Sour Patch Kids. I mix it up and get Gatorade sometimes instead of Redbull.
  19. My LJ name is actually short for IrreverantConvention. I stopped at "con" because I thought about the book "The Da Vinci Code" where they're talking about "So dark, the con of man", talking about the idea that Jesus Christ was not pure. (Again, see #1 on here)
  20. I live in Tallahassee, but I've been wanting to move to Tampa for a few years now. May still make the move but I'm not sure if circumstance will allow it.


Ha! I just recently learned about the LaVeyans. It was actually the inspiration for this icon. King Diamond is apparently a LeVeyan Satanist. Me? Not so much. I think part of my rejection of Christianity is my rejection of the idea that I have to put any type of label on my beliefs, and I'm not so big on some of the LaVeyan ideas like keeping up an image, and revenge on your enemies. Of course I might be way off, all I know about it is what I read on Wikipedia.

I don't much care to put any type of label on it, either. But I guess if I was going to, that'd be the label.

I'm certainly not a LeVeyan scholar myself. It wouldn't surprise me if there were some less than nice beliefs in that system.
By the way, King Diamond, that's some old school black metal.

Black metal? Death metal? Choose your sub-genre. I suppose that it would really fall under NWOBH?
I'm pretty stuck in the old school category for all metal...raising my daughter on Judas Priest.
I have several friends who are of the LeVeyan sort, so no worries. Of course I have friends of just about every spiritual or non spiritual background. Its all good.

Really people mispronounced Knowles? I went to school with a couple Knowles and I can't recall people ever saying their name wrong.

I may give mock "grief" over faction choice in WoW but I honestly have toons on both Alliance and Horde. I actually started out Ally until my husband talked me into going Horde to play with him and his RL friends.
Mock grief is great. But some people get really serious about it.

I was reading someone, a girl basically saying that if you're horde, you should kill yourself. Just really horrible, some of these people.
I think that's the turn off about those things lol
I know!!! it just took soooo damn long.
I was typing that post for like an hour and a half!
2, I had to google ADD as didn't know what it stood for.

3, I wish i could fall asleep quickly when i went to bed every night, i normally check facebook with the light off or read with the light on before going to sleep to help me relax enough to sleep.

6, sorry to hear that you never got to meet Jenean's dad im sure he would have been very fond of you like his daughter is.

8, i would love to trace my family line. My mum has done some of her's and it's very interesting.

10, like you im not well travelled i've never left the UK in the whole 28 years of my life so far.

Aaron Lewis (vocalist for Staind) did a solo show somewhere in the UK. He was talking about the Staind song "Epiphany" and that it's about ADD. He asked the crowd "Is that something that yall have over here?" I thought that he was kidding! I personally think that it's a little silly...until I met someone who was diagnosed with ADD.

Ancestry.com was really helpful in the family research. You have to be able to do a little legwork over your own, though. If you don't at least have a rough idea of peoples name, where they lived or their age, it can be very difficult. It just so happens that someone had already done the work, I just had to connect the dots.

Wanna trade for a few weeks?! I'll go over there and sleep at your pad. You come over here and sleep at mine? lol
Well they say you learn something new everyday and i learned about ADD.

Will deffo check the website out thank you and see if i have any luck myself.

I'd love to trade and be able to go to America. Are you sure you would cope with my 2 year old and 4 month old twins lol.

Emma x
1. That's an interesting theory, I've never met someone who believes that but if as you say, it's not up for discussion, I'll leave it at that!

3. Ditto! This will piss off anyone who can't do it!

8. My family hail from Manchester too, maybe our great-great-great-great-great relatives shared a beer or two?! Manchester was tiny back then!

16. That's awesome that you got to meet a hero.
I appreciate your respect of my request to not discuss it. I'd just rather not, so thank you!

My family lived in an area called Lancashire, in the Bolton community. I've thought about that kind of stuff, who my ancestors knew, who the lived near, etc.

For a commoner in the 1700s, the guy that came from Manchester, Edmund, his life is actually relatively well documented. Bastard spent 7yrs as an indentured servant. I wonder if that work was worth the trip for him.
Bolton is about 10 miles outside Manchester. Manchester used to be in Lancashire before it swelled up in size during the Industrial Revolution and it's now in 'Greater Manchester', Bolton has been swallowed up into Greater Manchester too! It's odd how things change!

"Indentured Servant" - what did that entail? That's good that you can find out a decent amount about them.