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Come squeeze and suck the day. Come carpe diem, baby

Disclaimer- I haven't made my rounds of comments yet, but it's late. I'm tired. Pretty much ready for bed. This is going to be a quick one. I'll really try and do my rounds of comments tomorrow. I'll probably put some time into making this prettier.

3. Favorite Quote:

 I'm a huge Metallica fan. I've pretty much studied their music. Their song "Carpe Diem, Baby" has always struck a chord with me, to the point that I got a specific line tattooed on my arm a few years back. (I really wanted to take a picture of the tattoo and post it as the answer for the question, but again, I'm just too tired to deal with it) The quote is "Live to win. Dare to fail".

I've never been the type of person that's too concerned about failing. I have failed, plenty. But that fear or concern of failure? I didn't get that memo. I've always been aware that I have to learn the hard way. Trial by fire. Go. Whatever it is, it might be a little sketchy, at first. But we'll fucking figure out because we have to. Dare to fail. I fucking dare you.

Honorable mention- I can't do this and choose just one. (Once you pop, yooooouuuuu can't stop!) This next quote is also another Metallica song, called "Outlaw Torn". To me, this song is about a person searching for what makes him happy. What makes him whole. But he keeps trying, keeps pushing, keeps searching, and never finds it. This used to be the story of my fucking life. The quote is: "You make me smash the clock and feel. I'd rather die behind the wheel. But, time was never on my side. So long that I wait my whole life". Outlaw Torn is by far my favorite song of all time. The lyrics are very personal to me. It has a very dark, very subdued feeling to it. There's this outro(ish) jam at the end of the song. I swear, I can just close my eyes and go to another fucking universe listening to it.

This was longer than I expected... Interesting subject tomorrow- What I am afraid of!


That last song's theme kind of reminds me of Neil Young's "Crime in the City".


Not exactly metal, but Neil is like the great uncle of metal.
Love the quotes!