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Tales from the break room

When you're in a public bathroom, do you ever try to fart a little louder, hope that your poo smells so bad in hopes of getting a little privacy?

I really dislike the sounds of what I know to be a fresh turd being squeezed out of someone's hole.

One of the stalls at work, the part where the door is hinged to the wall, you can literally make eye contact with the person that's looking in the mirror while they're washing their hands.

It does not make for a very comfortable shit.

No real plans this weekend. Florida State is BYE this weekend so I'll probably spend most of Saturday screwing around and gaming.

I'm ranked 3rd in my work Fantasy football league, and I'm playing against the guy that's ranked #1, so I really need to spend some time getting ready for Sunday.

I've got a bottle of home brewed Juniper Berry Meade that's just about ready. I'm opening it on the first legitimately cool evening of the season. It'd be awesome if that was this weekend.

Back to work. Low work load again today. Gotta find something to do to get me to 6pm.


Hahahaha.... I never understood why they make the gaps so big on those doors. It is so awful.
I don't think the contractors are thinking about that when they're putting them up.

Thankfully it's only one stall that's like that. The other stall is great, though. It's the technically the handicap stall, but there aren't any handicap people in my office, so I often enjoy it's size and privacy.
I think that no matter how bad it smells, if you're in the toilet at work, you probably need it, so the stench won't move you!

So are you someone who can't go if there is someone else in the cubicle next to you pooing?

You can see their eyes?! That's awful design