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irreverentcon's Journal

7 July
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Me: Rob (Sometimes pronounced "Rawwwb") I say it really slow and enunciate the "b" so as to not sound like I'm saying Ron or Rom.
Where: Tallahassee, Florida
I am: 31 (Damn is that a real number?)
I am: Married! (Very happily, might I add? My wife is my fucking best friend. She's hot shit. She's hot, but she's also hot shit)
Color: White. Insert Mini rant: I really dislike social labels. I'm white, you're...turquoise green? Who cares.)
I am: Straight (Here we go again with the social labels, but if you must know...)

You've probably already gotten TMI. At least it's not a UTI. But if you want more punishment:

I'm Rob (Rawwb) While we're throwing around social labels, I am a dude that does dudely things and likes dudely stuff. Despite my (not so charming) masculinity, I am a very firm believer in equality, for all. *Gasps* You mean we're all human regardless of who we sleep with or what color our mamma gave us, and regardless of what god, deity, or Thor, or lack thereof? That's right.

I enjoy: (some of this shit I stole from a below poster, but it really does apply to me)
--Books - James Patterson, JK Rawling, Kontz, Terry Goodkind, Jim Butcher, King, etc, etc, etc.
--Movies - Holy shit, man. I fucking love movies. Honorable mentions are Pulp Fiction (English, motherfucker, do you speak it?!), Sling Blade (Alright, then), Star Trek, I mean come on man, I'd sit here for days. This subject is somewhat irrelevant, anyhow. I somehow doubt that you'd add me or not add me based on my taste of movies, or lack thereof.
--Music - Metal. Rap. Country. I have a really super soft spoke for 90s rock and country. You may be interested in knowing, I've recently taken an interest in the bands In Flames and Battlecross. Interesting.
--TV- Travel Channel, ESQUIRE NETWORK!, Food Channel, History, all those guys. Oh, and True Blood. Gotta throw that in there.
--Outdoors- Camping and fishing is my shit. Grilling on a fire and drinking beer and swimming. That's my kind of life.
--Games - World of Warcraft on PC and Battlefield 3 on XBox 360. (Note, I am a gamer, but I'm not that guy that spends his fucking life gaming. I've got a wife and bills and shit. Her mood is more important to me than your clan on BF3)

English, do you speak it?! Probably not going to get along if English is not your first language. I cuss, a lot, but I at least have a basic understanding of grammar. If your every post is a complaint about your life or everything that's wrong with you, we're probably not going to get along. Everyone has problems, but I'm probably not going to feel sorry for you.

You'll notice that my LJ profile is lacking. I'm new (again) to LJ. I put more thought into this post than I did into my profile. I'm sure I'll get it completed pretty soon. That, and it's late. I'm going to bed. Add me. Don't add me. No, actually, you probably should add me. Especially if you're still reading. Ya stalker. Creepy. Heh